GOVERNMENT NOTICE, No. 96, Colonial Secretary's Office,14 May 1840

The Lieutenant-Governor being desirous of giving immediate effect to the intention communicated to the deputation of gentlemen who presented the Address to His Excellency on the 8th instant, has approved of the following arrangements for bringing out Emigrants from Great Britain or Ireland to this colony:

1st. That the sum of £40 be paid towards defraying the passage of a man and his wife, (and children under 3 years of age) provided the ages of the married couple do not exceed, on embarkation, 35 years respectively.

2nd. That the sum of £19 be paid towards defraying the passage of each male Emigrant above l8 years of age, and not exceeding 35 years, on arrival.

3rd. That the sum of £18 be paid towards defraying the passage of each female domestic above the age of 17 years, and not exceeding 35 years, on arrival.

4th. That the sum of £7 be paid for the passage of each child from 3 to 10 years of age, and of £12 for lads between the ages of 10 and 18, and females between 10 and 17 respectively, for whose parents, or parent, the rate of Bounty specified in Article No. 1. may be allowed.

5th. That there be allowed to the master of each vessel bringing out Emigrants under the terms of this Notice a gratuity of 7s., to the first mate 3s., and to the second mate 1s. 6d. for each person above one year of age, provided their conduct to such Emigrants during the voyage prove satisfactory to the Lieutenant-Governor.

6th. That parties applying for servants under the terms of this Notice, be required, before receiving the Bounty, to enter into an engagement to maintain them for the term of the agreement hereinafter alluded to, unless parted with by mutual consent, or discharged by due course of law.

7th. That persons requiring servants under the Bounties thus offered, be allowed to choose their own ships; but it is recommended that "regular traders" to and from the ports of HobartTown and Launceston be selected.

8th. That no Emigrant brought out under the foregoing regulations be engaged for a less period than three years, under a written agreement, according to a form hereafter to be published, and to date from the day such agreement is entered into, in Great Britain or Ireland.

9th. That these respective Bounties be allowed for Emigrants of the following description only; viz. Agricultural Labourers, Shepherds, Masons, Bricklayers, Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights, Shipwrights, and all other descriptions of Mechanics, and male and female Domestic Servants.

10th. That all applications from persons requiring Servants, or Mechanics, or Labourers, be according to the subjoined form (A,) and addressed to the Colonial Secretary ; and no application can be attended to unless the particulars prescribed in the form are fully inserted.

11th. That all Emigrants arriving under the Bounty be immediately landed on arrival, and maintained at the expense of the persons sending for them.

12th. These Bounties to be paid from the Colonial Treasury on arrival of the Emigrants, upon the Lieutenant-Governor being satisfied that they are of the proper age, and not ineligible from bodily infirmity.

13th. The foregoing regulations are not to extend to the wives, husbands, or children of convicts.

By His Excellency's command,


N.B. A Form of Agreement to be entered into, as referred to in the above Notice, will be published in a future Gazette.