James Brickhill 1846-1908

James Brickhill was born to John and Susannah Brickhill on 20th September 1846 in Launceston. His father was an early colonist who arrived in Van Demons Land in 1842. James obtained a moderate education, which was in those days much more difficult to obtain than a first-class one is now. James chose the printing business as his profession, and was apprenticed to the proprietors of the Launceston Examiner in the latter part of 1862.

In 1865 he married Rebecca Emms and together they raised 8 children: Ada, Walter, Albert, Hector, Lewis, George, Frank, and Daisy. James filled several positions from office boy to accountant and in 1879 resigned his position at the Examiner and worked for them as an agent, canvassing for printing and advertising as well as undertaking commission work for other firms. In 1881 after changes at the Examiner James severed his connection with them and entered a partnership with a printer named Bell.

The office of "The Daily Telegraph" & "Colonist" office Paterson St. Launceston.

As with many partnerships after a short time a dispute arose which resulted in James Brickhill acquiring his partners’ interest. Thus James became the sole proprietor of “The Telegraph” shortly to become “The Daily Telegraph” which met with much public approval. The paper expanded and increased to such an extent that the building had to be enlarged by the addition of another story. This was done whilst the business was going on, under much difficulty, but the proprietor continued to arrange matters in such a manner as to reduce the discomfort to a minimum.