I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to write and tell me what you think of my website. Please include any errors so I may correct or verify the entry.

Thank you
Lew Brickhill

Website 3. Jan, 2019


Like these horses on your homepage.

15. Nov, 2018

Jacqueline Keller

Hello Lewis

My name is Jacqueline Keller. My mother is Zella Julie Maseyk Van den Berg (she was Hechter) and my grandmother was Joyce Maseyk Hechter (was Brickhill) and her parents were Hector Gordon Brickhill and Lena Juliet Weber.

Thank you for all the wonderful information you have on this site. I have been working very hard on trying to build my family tree from both sides of my parents. Your site gave me a lot of the more in depth information that help trace documents along my search.

19. Jul, 2018


Wow this is my Family. Incredible

Thank you

4. Jun, 2018

Robyn Teifel

Hi Lewis I’m trying to find info on my ancestors. My grandfather, Gordon Maseyk Brickhill was supposedly from Tasmania or of Tasmanian origin. He was married to Morfyyd James in South Africa. They had 2 children, Terrance Gordon James Brickhill and Jennifer.
Gordon left his family when my dad was 7 years old and he never heard from him again, until just before he died. They never got to meet up. I am struggling to find any of the family in South Africa, my dad has just turned 80, and doesn’t remember very much.
I would appreciate any info. Kind regards Robyn

Website 13. Feb, 2018


Lovely photos :)

10. Feb, 2018


Hi Lewis - So excited to find this website!

My ancestors, Simon and Anne Woodyatt were on the Royal Saxon in 1842 (although his name is Woodgate on some passenger lists). Simon went to work for Lieut. Skardon, Norfolk Plains. Simon and Anne had two, possibly 3, children born in Tasmania. For some reason
Simon and Anne returned to the UK around 1851 as they are found on the UK Census. Only one child returned with them. I haven't found any information regarding the ship they returned on or what happened to their first born son, John Woodyatt.

Thank you again for the wonderful information you provided on that journey in 1842 - fascinating stuff! Would you mind if I added the information and photo of the Royal Saxon to my Family Tree on Ancestry?

Kind regards


15. Jul, 2017


G'day, met Lloyd in Venezuela many years ago & was mightily impressed - is there a Biography of Lloyd published? ...or in the pipeline maybe?? Thanx, JackMc. [former Air Traffic Controller]

24. Apr, 2017


Lew I have absolutely loved reading this. Would so love to be able to import all my research so that it can be preserved going forward. Any tips or guidance?

26. Jun, 2015

Graham Hechter

Dear Lew, thank you for your research and uncovering this interesting information. My mother was born Joyce Maseyk Brickhill, her parents were: Hector Gordon Brickhill and Lena Juliet Weber; Hector being the son of James Brickhill, the son of John Brickhill.
I am going to be in Launceston from 27-30 July 2015 and am going to try and find an apple orchard that my grandfather lived/worked on in the 1920's - my Mum used to tell us wonderful stories about her life as a kid on the apple orchard.

25. Apr, 2015

Robin Hawkey

Hello Lewis, I have been reading your history with much interest.My mother was Keitha Mary Brickhill, her father was Adye Vivian Brickhill. They lived in Launceston, Tasmania.

I can remember she had an Auntie Ada and Auntie Daisy. As Brickhill is not a common surname maybe we are related.

10. Dec, 2014

John Brickhill

Hi Lewis,

I never claim to be very good with computers, and now I've found that I hadn't explored your website properly. So I have now found out about your researches and found the detail on James that I was looking for.....and lots more. I had never seen photos of John,
or James

So is the website going to cover all the Brickhills in Australia ?

cheers, John

12. Oct, 2014

Lorenza Brickhill

Enjoyed reading your research and will definitely enjoy your following progress.